Import Export

Learn more about the process, documents and required certifications.

How the Service works

When requesting any of the Documents below we will require.

  1. A clear detail as to what you are requesting.
  2. Supply your name with a full postal address and day time contact number.
  3. A scanned copy of the registration documentation or other proof of ownership with a photograph of the VIN plate.
  4. Once we have checked and confirmed your request we will make contact with you via email and advise of any costs. We will also provide you with the bank details to make the payment. (Unfortunately we do not accept Credit/debit cards or cheques)

Document Costs

Certificate of Conformity £120.00 inc VAT

Statement of Compliance £120.00 inc VAT (Where a vehicle has been Imported please contact us on the details below)

Statement of Compliance for New Zealand £120.00 inc VAT

Emissions Letter for Europe or UK £36.00 inc VAT

V5C Amendments for imported vehicles £36.00 inc VAT

V5C Amendments for UK vehicles is Free of Charge


Note The UK Homologation department only deal with requests in the UK for importing and exporting vehicles to and from the UK we do not deal with any requests for movement between other markets.Contact details: Gary Burton 01753 519609 or Email ukcocrequests@stellantis.comVCA website for Importing a vehicle into the UK:



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